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Earthship eco building

If you are interested in learning more, or want to be a part of an earthship build in Penamacor this is the group for you!

I hope to lead a build and opportunity to join in and learn hands on in 2021. I'll update when we have more news!

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Would you like to Attend a short Earthship Workshop?!image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=26&dpx=2&t=1611776433

Ive been wanting to make a small space for my generator for some time. I was going to make a shed and have been putting it off. Using a tyre wall to make it would have many benefits, including sound proofing!

SO, im thinking to do a small workshop to make a small generator room using earthship biotecture techniques. It will only take a few days to do it and you can learn many skills that you would need to make an earthship.We could also use glass bottles and some cob techniques as well as the tyre work.

It would be free and include a lovely vegetarian meal.. Im thinking within the next few weeks. Ive held several large workshops in the past and they have always been amazing!

Right now id like to gauge interest, so if you are interested please let me know in the comments and drop a like on this! xx


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I have a special gift for you, just you here on the If you have heard about earthships, and want to understand more about what they are, and why i have dedicated most of my life to building then and teaching others.. this book is for you!

I wrote this book, and it is available on amazon to purchase in paper format. You can have it for free using the link below.

“Centralisation of utilities is killing us, Decentralisation gives us a door to the future. All of a sudden you're in charge of your power,

Nobody can shut your power off. You're in charge of your water, You're in charge of your sewage, You're in charge of your life, You own your life.
You are free!”

Click here to download the book!

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