Earthshippy Workshop

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Earthshippy Workshop
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15 Mar 2021 01:00
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18 Mar 2021 01:00


Hey everyone! i had posted a few weeks ago about a workshop to learn about biotecture. It looks like its happening and its a real great opportunity to learn.. 

The plan is to make a very small room to house my generator. Tyres are a great option for this, especially for soundproofing! Since its so small we can make it in just a few days, but we will use all the same skills and approach you would take to make a real earthship home! You can learn about tyres, plastering, how to roof it, the bond beam. This will also be a great opportunity to learn how to use glass bottles in a section of wall to create that stained glass effect!

I hope to start this in March and will have a maximum limit of around 10 people. Since its so small we cant have too many people all working to close together.. because of large sledgehammers not covid!

I will teach as we go, and have led a few amazing workshops in India in the past years.. There is no cost, but it would be great when people will bring tyres and some tools. More on than when we get closer to the time.

SO, if you would like to learn more about this now is the time to put your hand up! I would like to have confirmed people within a few weeks and will then confirm the whole event. 

Tasty Indian Vegetarian / Vegan Food will be provided for lunch
I will accept be happy to accept donations for the workshop, but if you dont have any money then there is no cost for any of the workshop or food etc. This is about a learning experience and empowering you to learn hands on why earthships really are one of the best options in just about every way.

Let's see how little i can spend on materials for this very tiny generator home. My hope is to demonstrate that earthships are not only easy and fun to make, but can also be made on a shoestring budget! In theory the only cost will be the roofing.. for the rest we will use tyres, dirt, glass bottles, water, and just a very tiny bit of cement!

If you would like to understand and learn more about earthships in a really simple short book that i have written then im happy to share it with you here in PDF format. Its normally sold on amazon as a paperback, but im happy to share it with you here as part of my ongoing mission to help people get off grid and secure!

You can read more about my mission and the ecoVIllages project here

If you are interested please let me know below in the poll..  spaces are limited to 10 people at any one time..
Please do share in the comments also why you are interested.. if you plan to build something soon etc?

Let's do this! 

Some photos of my workshops in India






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Hey mate, sounds amazing, I would love to join, but any chance doing it on the weekend? At least party. There might be other people who also aprrecitae if it overlaps Saturday and Sunday. :)

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