What Is The Penamacor Network

This network will be many things to many different people. We are here for each other, to help, support, connect, and much more. If you are new to the Penamacor area then a HUGE welcome to you! I am also relatively new here, and have managed to jump through the various hoops to get my life restarted. There were so many things to think about, to know, and to get to grips with. Many people are not only moving here, but are also buying land and learning the many aspects of starting an off grid life from scratch. 

Many of us are alone or with just one person, and it can be difficult to find out all the things we need to know! This is especially so for those who don't yet speak Portuguese, which adds a layer of disconnection and frustration whilst going about our most basic daily tasks. I have come to learn that the Portuguese are such beautiful sweet people, and as a result many of them find it quite uncomfortable when you speak another language such as English. SO much so that they may refuse to even serve you or help. What to do? Learn Portuguese of course, but that takes time and right now it is even harder to find classes and ways to interact with locals. 

There are many reasons why people may want to use this website in addition to Facebook and the many groups. There is the simple fact that more and more people have stopped using Facebook, and miss out on a great valuable resource. But more than that, this network is designed to really help people, bring people together, and make so many things SO SO much easier. It's not just about having the information here, its also about having it organised and stored in a way that it is easy to find and engage with. It is easy to follow people and make friends because you don’t have share your most personal Facebook profile with people you do not know. 

The Penamacor network is decentralised and a place that is safe, private, and i hope very cozy indeed. This means that your information is private and will never be sold or used in any way. Your account is safe and you will not be censored. Free speech is very important, as is hearing every opinion no matter what it is. What is important is how we speak and how we listen. None violent communication is very important and will be encouraged by our community when needed. A decentralised system means that no one person has control or decision making about what is permitted or not. No one person needs to spend their days scanning and reading to check for any kind of abuse or problems. This is our network, and we can all speak up when we see something that needs attention. At this early stage I am steering the creation of this network until it is birthed and established. I welcome the support of anyone and everyone who wishes to be involved or has any ideas or suggestions. Making decisions by consensus is easy and it works well. In that way we can have minimal rules and an open mind. It is a kind of an anarcho-social network with no single person reaping the rewards of everyone’s inputs. 

Any abundance generated by this network will be used and shared as we see fit. This is not a commercial endeavour and it will be free for all to use. I will be happy receive any donations from others to help me cover the costs, more in the spirit of natural giving rather than any required payment. I am happy to do this as a great service to us all, it feels to me that its so needed.. and even more so with brexit and covid!

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